Monday, 6 May 2013

cinta Allah

i love islam

~islam is the way of life~

i know only ONE who will NEVER give up on me... ALLAH !!!
My life may not be going the way i planned it, but it is going exactly the way ALLAH planned it.. 
i LOVE islam

'Big' activities uum~

~ Sem 1 and Sem 2~ sweet memory 

 Join activities 'fasilitator' for student 'sekolah Agama Pokok Sena, kedah' at DPP TNB. in sem 1
 Join activities KLK 'fasilitator'/ teach student 'darjah 5' (hafazan n amali) for student sk kayu Hitam. sweet memory~  in sem 2 
Join activities integrasi 'gotong royong' and 'banteras denggi' at kampung, sungai petani. in sem 2

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Patient~ sabar


Coz,, Allah always by our side.. ^__^


My hobby is drawing and painting ! i love to do it~  heheehe

 so, now let me explain litter bit about meaning 'hobby'
A hobby is the best form of recreation to mind and body. People's hobbies differ very much according to the character of the person himself. What would appeal to one man might be the subject of ridicule to another. The best form of recreation is one that can develop in one awareness, colour, concentration and an observational power. In pursuance of a hobby, one can enjoy one's leisure and learn at the same time.

There are many activities in our life, which can be developed into hobbies or interest. One should choose a hobby wisely. Reading, indoor games, painting, writing, singing, dancing, reading for a blind boy or even decorating a house etc. are some well-known hobbies. Denise Robins, queen of romantic writers, with 130 novels to her name, cultivates roses.

Hobbies fill a gap. It can our spirit when we are depressed. It makes us creative. Many friendship are formed among people who have common hobbies. The unique quality of a person can be developed with the help of a good hobby.

It eases your mind to be absorbed in something. You have something to show to your friends and something which is educating and brings relaxation to a tired mind. Many hobbies can be used commercially and it can bring fame. Hobby is constructive. It gives the mind something positive to hold on to. Nothing can make you feel bore while you have an interesting hobby to turn to.

thank you ALLAH

Maybe i received nothing i wanted.. But i received everything i need.. Alhamdulillah,,, thank you Allah...