Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Patient~ sabar


Coz,, Allah always by our side.. ^__^


My hobby is drawing and painting ! i love to do it~  heheehe

 so, now let me explain litter bit about meaning 'hobby'
A hobby is the best form of recreation to mind and body. People's hobbies differ very much according to the character of the person himself. What would appeal to one man might be the subject of ridicule to another. The best form of recreation is one that can develop in one awareness, colour, concentration and an observational power. In pursuance of a hobby, one can enjoy one's leisure and learn at the same time.

There are many activities in our life, which can be developed into hobbies or interest. One should choose a hobby wisely. Reading, indoor games, painting, writing, singing, dancing, reading for a blind boy or even decorating a house etc. are some well-known hobbies. Denise Robins, queen of romantic writers, with 130 novels to her name, cultivates roses.

Hobbies fill a gap. It can our spirit when we are depressed. It makes us creative. Many friendship are formed among people who have common hobbies. The unique quality of a person can be developed with the help of a good hobby.

It eases your mind to be absorbed in something. You have something to show to your friends and something which is educating and brings relaxation to a tired mind. Many hobbies can be used commercially and it can bring fame. Hobby is constructive. It gives the mind something positive to hold on to. Nothing can make you feel bore while you have an interesting hobby to turn to.

thank you ALLAH

Maybe i received nothing i wanted.. But i received everything i need.. Alhamdulillah,,, thank you Allah...

Edited image

My name is Nurul Syafiqah, can call me iqa .
now let me share litter bit about 'tip for editing picture'

You can use Windows Photo Gallery to make changes to your pictures. You can improve the exposure and colors, change the composition, and remove red eye—all without using a separate editing program.
Open Windows Photo Gallery by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking All Programs, and then clicking Windows Photo Gallery.

~follow the workflow in photo gallery. 

Digital workflow is a term used by digital photographers to refer to the order in which pictures are edited. Following the correct digital workflow can make a big difference in the quality of your edited pictures. The Fix pane in Windows Photo Gallery has arranged the various changes you can make in the best order, starting with exposure adjustments and ending with red eye removal. Though you can make changes to your pictures in any order, we recommend that you follow the workflow by working from the top of the Fix pane down.
Illustration of the recommended workflow in Photo GalleryThe recommended workflow in Photo Gallery
Why edit your photos in this order? Imagine, for example, that you want to correct the color balance in your picture. If the overall exposure is wrong (the picture is too dark or too light), it will be difficult to identify the correct color balance. Only by correcting the exposure first can you be sure the colors also look right when you reach that step.

~Adjust the exposure and colours

You can edit the brightness and contrast in your picture by moving the sliders for those controls, but it's much easier to click Auto Adjust in the Fix pane. Auto Adjust optimizes the brightness, contrast, color temperature, and tint of your picture all at once. Even after you click Auto Adjust, you can continue to adjust the exposure and colors on your own if you don't like what Photo Gallery has done automatically.
You can confirm when you've made a change by looking in the Fix pane for the check marks that appear next to the control after it has been used to make a change.
Picture of the Fix pane with check marks indicating steps are completeThe check marks indicate that exposure and color have already been adjusted
If you're reluctant to click Auto Adjust, you shouldn't be. You can always click Undo to restore the picture to its previous state. Likewise, if you change one of the exposure or color settings and don't like the result, click Auto Adjust again to return to the setting that Photo Gallery recommends.

~Make a black and white picture.

Most digital cameras have an exposure mode that allows you to take pictures in black and white, simulating black-and-white film. As a general rule, though, we recommend taking pictures in normal color mode. The reason? While any color picture can be turned into a black-and-white image on the computer, if you take it in black and white to begin with, it's not possible to add the original colors back in.
In Photo Gallery, there's an easy way to simulate black-and-white photography, and it's actually a lot more flexible than the black-and-white mode on your camera. Click Adjust Color in the Fix pane and you'll see the Saturation slider. If you move the slider to the right, you'll increase the intensity of colors in the picture. What's more interesting, though, is what happens if you move the slider to the left. The intensity of color is reduced, and if you move it all the way to the left, there's no color at all—the picture becomes black and white. You can use this technique to create pictures with just a little color or no color at all.
Example of a picture with high and low saturation levelsA picture with high saturation (left) and low saturation (right)
 so let try it !! ^__^

speak ~ silent

The Prophet Muhammad s.a.w said 'Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, should say anything is good word.. or if you can not do it better remain you to silent.. is better than so you say anything bad or liar ! so choose it :)

Saturday, 27 April 2013

My Family

i really love my family. Especially my mom and dad.
Family, in my opinion, is someone who loves you and whom you love either. It can be not only your parents but also people who are dear to you, who take care of you. If you have someone who can do everything for you and you can do the same – you are lucky you have a family. I think that the family in this point of view is one of the most important things in our life, and people who have no family are always lonely and moreover nobody takes care of them. It’s wrong to think that your family is only your father and mother your family consists of all the dearest people. For example orphans have no parents but maybe on their lifeways they meet people who become dear and important for them and they name it family. 
Now I'm very lucky still have a 'true loving family' love u all...

Abi,Umi,Along,Kakak,Adik,Ainul,Una.. ^__^


For Muslimah.
Hijab isn’t just what you’re wearing but it’s also what you do and say. It’s who you are. we are the muslim, so prove it !!! i proud to be are muslim ^___^ 


Fact about QURAN
The Holy Quran is the religious text of Islam , which was revealed by Allah to Prophet Muhammad. It is widely regarded as the finest piece of literature in the Arabic language . Muslims believe that Quran is the verbal divine guidance and moral direction for human beings. Muslims also believe that Quran is the last revealation from Allah (God).
This Holy book contains material on civil and military law as well as religious beliefs. In other words, we can say that the Holy Quran is not consisting upon the fundamental laws for Muslims but is also contains laws for all humanity till the Day of Judgement.
The Book advocates the worship of one God or Allah. It explains how the followers should pray, how they should 
conduct business, how marriages should be solemnised and how wars should be fought. It forbids such evils as drinking, swearing, gambling, the worship of graven images, and the belief in the other gods than Allah. In short, it is a complete code of life.

Sunday, 14 April 2013


My name is Nurul Syafiqah Binti Abdul Rahim. I from kuantan Pahang. Now I study at Universiti Utara Malaysia, taking course Bachelor of Finance with Honours. matric number 219349.



friends are people whom we turn to when our spirit need a lift. they are always by our side through thick and thin. they always stand beside us even when our disposition is not perfectly right and will fight for us if we are oppressed. therefore it is clear that friends play a vital role in shaping who we are today... ^___^

friendship does not grow over night, it takes time to develop. we just need to be supportive and be there for the other person when they need you. everyone needs someone. friends are stress releivers and they don't judge you, they see you as YOU and nothing more. friends are people who should hold onto for a long time. just be sure you choose wisley who your friends are.. pra u cem 2011.. luv u all ^__^

Wednesday, 10 April 2013



Amr ibn Shuaib reported: His grandfather heard the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, say, “Shall I tell you about the most beloved of you to me and the closest to my assembly on the Day of Resurrection?” They were silent, so he repeated himself two or three times. They said, “Yes, O Messenger of Allah.” He said, “Those with the best character.”

[Musnad Ahmad, Number 6696, Sahih]